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We Have some error-codes like:
601 - Song has recently played.
602 - The artist has recently played.
603 - The song is already in the queue to be played.
604 - The artist is already in the queue to be played.
605 - The song is already on the request list.
609 - Track recently played.
610 - Track is already in the queue to be played.
700 - Invalid request. (Unknown Error).
701 - Banned.
702 - Banned forever.
704 - Request limit. You can apply for a maximum of 2 numbers every 60 minutes.
705 - Request limit. You can store up to 6 numbers requests a day.
706 - Requests are disabled.
707 - Authorization not accepted. The IP is not in the whitelist.
708 - This song has been requested and is waiting in the queue to be played.

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